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Two Bed Compact Log Cabin with verandah
Two bedroom log cabin with extended bedrooms


Two Bedroom log cabin with extended bedroom
Two Bedroom Log Cabin with Extended Bedrooms
two bedroom log cabin with verandah


Two Bedroom Log cabin with verandah added
Two Bedroom Log Cabin with Verandah
Two bedroom log cabin ireland with extended bedroom and verandah


Extend your two bedroom log cabin with larger bedrooms and a verndah.
Two Bedroom Log Cabin with Extended Bedrooms and Verandah
Two Bedroom Log Cabins

The ideal Two Bedrrom Log Cabin for YOU

Take our basic two bedroom log cabin, built from the best quality, kiln-dried Norway Spruce, erected with care and precision. If you want, extend the bedrooms, put on a verandah - whatever you want to get the best two bedroom log cabin for YOUR needs.

Two Bedroom Log Cabin - Variable Footage

So, we all need somewhere to live - somewhere warm, easy to heat and maintain, and enduring - it's got to last a lifetime. And there's also the issue of cost! So, why not get a two bedroom log cabin? It ticks all of the boxes.

Two Bedroom Log Cabin Heating

How much does it heat a log cabin? People ask this all of the time - it's a very important question. The factors that determine how much energy you need to heat a log cabin include:

  • Level of Insulation
  • Air tightness
  • Interior surface materials

All of our two bedroom log cabins come with a minimum of four inches (100mm) of insulation in the walls and roof (this cn be increased, if you want). Coupled with three inches of timber walls, our two bedroom log cabins are quite warm and easy to heat.

Becase of the method of construction (drop log), they are reasonably air-tight, and definitely not draughty, so there is no heat loss to draughts. And of course, the timber walls on the interior mean that the rooms "feel" warmer than plasterboard or concrete-walled buildings.

Long-lasting log cabins

We all want our homes to feel solid, secure and long lasting. And that's exactly what you get with a two bedroom log cabin from yourlogcabin.com

Our cabin walls are 175mm think - that's 7 inches in old money. Take a lok at the video to learn more about our wall engineering. Note the clamping rod g0ing through the wall for extra stability.

The Cost of a Two Bedroom Log cabin

Money is the problem! Buying a log cabin is not cheap. But! (And its a big BUT...!) Building a two bedroom log cabin is the cheapest way to get a

  • comfortable,
  • warm,
  • easy-to-heat,
  • long-lasting and
  • stylish
residence for yourelf.

So, our advice for you is to beg, borrow or steal (well, maybe not steal!) the money for your own two-bedroom log cabin.

The Credit Union is the best place to borrow money for a project of this size.

Easily maintained log cabins

Every building, including log cabins, requires maintainence, in order to keep it looking good, and to ensure it remains in a fit state. To maintain your log cabin, you need to re-cover the exterior every four years or so.

Why do I say re-cover, instead of re-paint? Well,you don't paint log cabins. Paint seals the surface, and timber needs to be able to breathe in order to last. So we recommend a stain, rather than a paint for your log cabin. Dulux are the Irish agents for Sikkens, which is a highly-recommended stain for all exterior timber. And its readily available in Ireland. (We also note that its half the price in Ireland, compared to prices on the Continent.

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